Want to Build Real-Time Data Intensive Applications?

Sparkgrid created a central nervous system for Real-Time web and mobile applications, by leveraging Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. Our central nervous system enables your apps to be interactive on real-time like humans do, while managing millions of concurrent users seamlessly.

Real-Time is no more an “Exciter” it’s an “Expectation”As technology fits into our hands, demand increase to get intelligent information in real-time. Real-time apps are made to reflect real life events on an immediate basis. Real-time is critically required when there is a need or demand for “up to date information” and “interaction to maintain engagement(UX)


Real-time data (digital footprints)


Your users deeply


Start to interpret and anticipate user behaviors

Real-Time application use cases of Sparkgrid Central Nervous System (CNS)

Social feeds and colloboration

We live in the age of distributed teams, where real-time comments, chats and collaborative features are highly in demand for any application. Sparkgrid CNS provides a global messaging infrastructure, that enables building real time social features, and scalable to millions of concurrent users with no delay in response.

Financial tickers & Real-time predictive analytics

Financial world moves in millisecond fast with high volume and variety over time, therefore financial apps should solve three key components of the puzzle. First incoming real-time data needs to be captured, indexed and stored. Second the system should learn and recognize patterns from the historical data. Then  continuously monitor and compare real-time data with predicted results and send alerts to the user on real-time.

Sparkgrid CNS is a single black box that includes Apache Kafka as a pipeline to stream, Hardtop to collect, aggregate and store real-time data on distributed databases, Apache Spark to perform complex analytics and Zeppelin to visualize data in real-time.

Not only financial apps but any predictive apps that deals with real-time data, can be build faster and cheaper with Sparkgrid CNS.

Location based apps for on demand economy

Real-time geo location apps are stand up to shake up industries from transportation to real-estate, by transforming how companies interact with customers and manage their resources efficiently.

There are thousands of great apps appears in the on demand economy with geo location features. But most of the apps face the roadblock when the number of  users start to grow, because the back end architecture is not capable enough to handle real-time location data of multiple users at scale. For example a small delay in the location data will cause a major dissatisfaction for a customer of an on demand  taxi app.

With the build in real-time features in Sparkgrid CNS we can build highly scalable  apps for on demand economy. Along with location based features you can add in app chat and collaboration as well.

Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics platform

When it comes to Internet of things many people think in terms of things, such as sensors, micro controllers, single board computers, etc. Devices are key to an IoT  project but it is only the tip of the iceberg, there is a data platform under the  waterline tackling the heavy lifting. There are situations like a connected heavy machine or sensors in an oil rig will produce terabytes of data each day. IoT  projects will produce real benifits when it make use of the data at right time and  right place.

With the use of Kafka as a high performance ingestion layer, and Apache Spark for processing, querying and analysis layer, Sparkgrid CNS tackle the heavy lifting for the data heavy IoT projects.

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Along with our back-end framework we have a strong background in mobile and web app development in many industry verticals. If you’re looking to build something great and need an expert team, drop us a note.

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If you want to implement a data analytics or big data solution we have a expert team with expertise in big data and real-time data implementations. Drop us a note to build the proof of concept (PoC).

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Our core team is made up of industry veterans from the distributed computing, real time analytics, big data and robotics. Our experience has started from the development of Hadoop Open Platform as-a-Service (HOPS) system where our core team is part of the Research and Development of HOPS system.

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